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August 30th, 2007

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The Fink File Presents: Blur on WDRE with Loscalzo 1994

April 18th, 2006

Another nugget from the Loscalzo vault. This time, it’s Britpop Godfathers Blur with an in-studio performance. This group of lads is still relevant 12 years later as frontman Damon Albarn is currently hot with his cartoon band Gorillaz, Graham Coxon is enjoying solo success and drummer Dave Rowntree has a cartoon project of his own called Empire Square (but it’s on some channel no one gets, so not a soul will see it in the US).

This interview is also highlighted by an appearance of Mrs. Gyrtlebaumer a regular “character” on Loscalzo’s show. “Gyrtlebaumer was a brilliant crank caller and I loved having him…errr…her on the show,” Loscalzo tells us. “This was a fun day for us as we had just opened a new ’state of the art’ studio and nothing was working properly. Blur fanatics will love this as the band’s performance was great.”


The Fink File Presents: Greg Dulli on DRE After Dark 1994

April 8th, 2006

Our pal Loscalzo has opened up his vault to us and provided this simply fascinating interview with Greg Dulli from 1994 on WDRE/Long Island. This is from the time when Dulli was red hot with his Afghan Whigs release Gentlemen and the video for the title song was all over MTV. Special appearance by Lenny the Intern (now the King of Indianapolis radio) and Peter Puberty make this a cool treat for any serious Dulli fan.

Loscalzo says, “Great hearing that old tape again, hope Dulli fans enjoy it.”

Don’t miss the Twilight Singers on tour soon!


18 Minneapolis MN - Varsity Theatre
19 Chicago IL - Metro
20 Newport KY - Southgate House
21 Indianapolis IN - The Vogue
23 Columbus OH - Little Brothers
24 Cleveland OH - Grog Shop
25 Detroit MI - St. Andrews Hall
27 Toronto ON - Lee’s Palace
28 Montreal QC - Cabaret du Musse Juste Pour Rire
29 Boston MA - Paradise Rock Club
30 Philadelphia PA - Theatre of Living Arts (TLA)


01 New York NY - Irving Plaza
02 Washington DC - 9.30 Club
03 Carrboro NC - Cat’s Cradle
05 Atlanta GA - Smith’s Olde Bar
07 New Orleans LA - One Eyed Jacks
09 Austin TX - The Parish
10 Dallas TX - Gypsy Tea Room
12 Denver CO - Larimer Lounge
13 Salt Lake City UT - Club Sound
15 Portland OR - Doug Fir Lounge
17 Seattle WA - Neumo’s
19 San Francisco CA - Great American Music Hall
21 Hollywood CA - Avalon

Check out this cool fan blog as well — Summerskiss


The Fink File Presents: Adam Lingner Poet

January 16th, 2006

It was the early 90s and the world was batshit over Nirvana and “modern rock”. However the most dynamic recorded work of the period was this collection of poems by former Buffalo Bills center Adam Lingner. Read by the velvety voiced Ira Westridge, this collection of literary genius is a must listen for any serious fan of the spoken word. While Lingner himself has never fessed up to writing these clever bon mots (he’s now a successful motivational speaker — natch!), it’s clearly motived by modesty and not shame. Enjoy!

Hear it now

The Fink File Presents: The Aristocrats - Homer and Qfwfq #4

September 15th, 2005

Show Notes

Cool 60s BBC Radio 1 Jingles

Drinking with Bob

Karmabanque is on fire!

Live from 119 NYC — Dan gets a job, fun with helium (plus bonus audio of Dan explaining why Batman left the Justice League)

Adam Curry is a fucking genius, Fink’s theory on the podcasting “community”

Anderson Cooper gets butch is he the future of TV news?

Fink’s new set up featuring the Electro Voice Blue Raven mic and 25+ year old console from Lafayette

Featured Podsafe Music

Pulsallama “Pulsallama on the Rag” - classic nugget from the early 80s

The Behoovers “Mary Lou”

Naked Idiot “No Longer Beautiful” (Homer Fink GWBDCABP Remix)

Fink Beats featuring Malcolm X “The Black Revolution”

Direct Link to podcast

The Fink File Presents The Aristocrats #003

June 9th, 2005

Download Podcast mp3

Lots of stuff happening this week. WCBS-FM gets blown up, hence our homage to WMCA and Cousin Brucie’s Beatles casts on WABC. Our pal Steve Leeds subjected himself to our grilling at the Time Square Hojo’s. We’ve also included ubiquitous meltdowns from Casey Kasem, Orson Welles and Martin and Lewis.

Show Notes

  • Casey Kasem’s legendary freak out.
  • Cousin Brucie fucking rocks, so do all the ol’ WABC, WMCA, WCBS-FM jocks. Without out reverb, YOU ARE NOT A MAN….much less a DISC JOCKEY.
  • Orson Welles, Martin and Lewis have meltdowns.
  • Steve Leeds - one of our favorite humans (pictured above zonking out in 1975)- subjects himself to lunch at the Times Square Howard Johnson’s with Homer and Qfwfq. He’s our first “real” guest (aside from comic book Dan), mostly because he’s already been on 2 other podcasts (King Curry and that fake tranny guy’s show).
  • Who the fuck is Madge Weinstein?
  • Is Adam Curry really as dreamy as he sounds?
  • He’s not married to a Norwegian porn star. But she was in Stars on 45 and Kayak.
  • Curry worked at Radio Veronica.
  • Archie Comics are still being published.
  • We bought our iRiver at Best Buy, but you should buy it here.
  • Steve quizzes our use of Yiddish.
  • Steve has been to the Curry Cottage!
  • Obligatory Dan mention.
  • Steve asks about Fink merch.
  • Homer met Steve at the 1985 New Music Seminar.
  • Mr. Curry met with Mr. Jobs because Fink asked him why his iPod recording sounded like shit.
  • Dan should date Jenna Bush.
  • Uncle Floyd
  • Mr. Curry has a staff.
  • It’s hard to subscribe to comic books.
  • When is the Hojo closing?
  • Tony Hawk doesn’t wipe out.
  • My pal Maxx is an OK motorcycle driver.
    Podsafe music from The Fine Lines “Kicking and Screaming” via Podsafe NYC
  • The Fink File Presents: The Aristocrats #002

    June 2nd, 2005

    The Aristocrats #002: Despite the fact that Fink “used to do this for a living” the second installment of the Aristocrats is a little rough technically. However, this week takes us on an exciting audio journey featuring music from Uncle Jimmy’s Dirty Basement, wacky old radio commercials, the obligatory 77 WABC jingles and some cool podsafe music. And now…as the King of all Podcasting Adam Curry would say… here are the Show Notes.

    The Fink File Presents — The Aristocrats: Homer and Qfwfq #002

  • Day of the Animals
  • Uncle Jimmy’s Dirty Basement “Robot Love”
  • Save Dan.com
  • The Legend of Leeroy Jenkins
  • Podsafe music from Lumis Glide and Orange Park via Podcast NYC.Send podsafe music to Fink!The Aristocrats #002

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    The Aristocrats #001

  • The Fink File Presents: The Aristocrats #001

    June 2nd, 2005

    Well, finally got around to “producing” the first Fink podcast. Enjoy! Here are the show notes:

    The Fink File Presents: The Aristocrats — Homer and Qfwfq Show # 001

    New York Burlesque Festival
    Bo Bice and Sugar Money “Jesus Is My Neighbor”
    Norman’s Commercials
    Wolfman Jack “Conan the Librarian”
    Podsafe Music: Naked Idiot “Troll Heist”

    Download Podcast mp3

    Recorded with the iRiver IFP 899!